‘Tapestry’. The books.


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The history of my family history.

“Tapestry” is the name of my written family history.  The first booklet I compiled of the Pye family tree was in 1990 – a hurriedly typed up booklet that I produced for a Pye family reunion that a second cousin had organised.  I had about 100 booklets printed for sale at the Reunion and they quickly sold.  Over the next four years I had researched more into the branches of the families and obtained much more information from various relatives and now owning a computer I typed up the first, of what was to turn out to be, three booklets – one completed in 1994, the second in 1997 and the third in 2000.   Each booklet covering different parts of the ancestry, and they were produced by photocopying the master copy.


Well, since then a lot has changed in the world of technology – the world wide web and email happened – contact with distant relatives overseas was now a reality.  Genealogical websites slowly appeared and the amount of records able to be accessed from home grew.  (Though I must say that it is a bit disconcerting to now find images of records online that I had to search out by visiting distant archives years ago!).

Now, Tapestry has grown to four booklets, with a fifth booklet compiled from parts of the others as a compilation of my branch of the family.

It is printed in sections for a number of reasons – Firstly, cost – Secondly, I print it at home and the backing spines only come in limited sizes.  Thirdly, relatives can buy just the booklet that relates to their particular branch.


“Tapestry” is the family history of the Pye family.  My sister has produced booklets on the Sinnott family, the Barker family and the O’Connor family.

What’s in each Section of the Books:

Section One: “Tapestry.  The early years” covers the Pye ancestry from the early 1500s through to the end of the 18th century.

Section Two: “Tapestry. Many pieces of Pye” covers the descendancy of the Pye families from Thomas Pye 1722-1793 in Staffordshire, England.

Section Three:  “Tapestry.  Pioneer brothers” covers the descendancy of the three brothers William Pye 1844-1918; Thomas Pye 1847-1920 and Joseph Pye 1848-1919 of Victoria.

Section Four: “Tapestry. John Pye of Windsor.” Covers the descendancy of John Pye 1809-1892 who lived in New South Wales.

“Tapestry. Bold Blood.” Covers the descendancy of Thomas Pye 1797-1880 and his English children.

Due to the high cost of printing these books, the price is $50 per 100 pages.  I do not profit from printing the books.

Some comments from relatives who have purchased the Books:

Penny wrote:

“Oh Wow, what a fantastic, mammoth and exciting book.  My mind is reeling from all the info and photographs in Tapestry.  Thank you SO much for sending me a copy.  I just love it.  You are a clever, clever girl – honestly, the work is mind-blowing.”

Michelle wrote:

Thank you for Tapestry’s they are more beautiful and thoughtful than I imagined. Your package arrived on Wednesday last week. I have only had a quick look through and started reading Bold Blood. Just fascinating so far. When you hear about family being involved in historical moments that sense of pride is so over whelming.

Linda wrote:

I have received the books thank you – what an extraordinary job of work you have done. The Pyes were certainly good breeders and I’m not aware of most of them but at least now, I do have a comprehensive record if someone comes looking.



8 Responses to ‘Tapestry’. The books.

  1. Anne says:

    Congratulations. As you have written, technology has advanced so quickly in the last 23 years (have we really known each other that long). Wishing you all the best with your latest adventure (the Blog). AMH

  2. Jean Brown (nee Pye ) says:

    have you got a leaflet on the Pye family going back from JOhn,Thomas, There Parents Joseph and mary who were married 1797 You say somewhere that you have gone back to 1530s Or how do I go about getting one Kind Regards Jean Brown (nee Pye)

  3. Jane says:

    Hi. My Ancestry quest has led me to Joseph PYE of Rickerscote and his infamous sons – very interested to read your research. An ancestor of mine is a descendent of George PYE ( 1805-1871. ) Brother of Thomas Pye (1797-1880) I should be very interested in your Tapestry books.

  4. John Pye says:

    Hi, I am descended from John Pye of WIndsor via his son William Pye, and I would be very interested to purchase your Tapestry books.

  5. Annette Buchanan says:

    Hi I too am an ancestor of John Pye and Elizabeth Wood, I would very much like to purchase you books, Please let me know who I can do this…

    Annette Downing Buchanan…nee Pye

  6. Mandy says:

    Are you able to put the books on Kindle or amazon so that we can buy them online please, kind regards.

  7. Craig Blanch says:

    Hi there,
    I am currently compiling information regarding VC recipients with an association with Australia. I would like the book you have on Thomas Pye and his transportation to Australia, and Charles Pye VC in Australia. Kind regards

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