Sinnott is my mother’s family name.  My Sinnott ancestors arrived in 1840 on the “Vesper” to Melbourne, Vic and eventually settled in the south-western district of Victoria.

The Sinnotts were from County Wexford, Ireland.

Thomas and Jane Sinnott arrived with their three children.  Two sons were born in Melbourne and two more children were born in Port Fairy.

The names of the children were Bridget (md James Kelly); Mary (md John W Crowe), Patrick, Michael, William, John and Jane (md Patrick Leddin).

To read more stories on the Sinnott family click here.


2 Responses to Sinnott

  1. Annie Forrest says:

    Hello! I’m unsure if you still check this but I’ve been looking at your website for a while now and gaining additional insights and information to matching links on my family tree. I’d love to get in contact to know more!

  2. Hi Annie,
    I will contact you privately.

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