Pye is my family name.  My ancestor, Thomas Pye, arrived in Sydney, Australia in 1837 on the ship, “Prince George”.  He came with his employer to Victoria the following year and eventually settled in the South-western district of Victoria.  His brother, John Pye, had arrived in New South Wales in 1836 and settled in the Windsor district of NSW.

The Pye brothers were born in Staffordshire, and I have traced their origins back to the early 1500s.

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5 Responses to Pye

  1. Karen Norsa says:

    Hi I am a descendant of John Pye who was transported for stealing malt and hops (so I understand). That is fantastic you have traced the back to 1500s. All I found was the names of Johns parents were joseph and Mary from Staffordshire. The parents of Joseph were Thomas and Margaret. The parents of Thomas were John and Jane. I think?????? I don’t know anything in detail about them. I am glad I found this blog. Karen

  2. Pauline Newman says:

    Oh crikey so we have felons in our family! I am descended from the Pye’s. I have a photograph of Charles James Pye VC and his family in New Zealand, which I showed to my cousins. Couldn’t believe when they said he has a likeness to Uncle ……, Uncles……. and continued comparing my Uncles or Great Uncles to ancesters in the New Zealand photo. So, it’s obvious even though we are descended from the main family at The Mynde, we are also connected in some way to the Staffordshire Pye line. Very intriging.

  3. Jean Brown ( Pye) says:

    reply to Pauline Newman My name is Jean brown (nee Pye) mr brother George has since died and he is the last of the Pyes on my dads side

  4. Nigel Machin says:

    Hello – I am researching my family tree and so far got back to
    John Pye #

    BIRTH 1515 • Nansarth, Cornwall, England
    DEATH 16 SEP 1570 • Haughton, Staffordshire, England
    (My12th great-grandfather)

    I was also born in Staffordshire

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