Family Tree

The surnames that I am researching are:

Pye, Sinnott, O’Connor, Barker, Wiseman, Lane, Leddin, Devereux, Condon, Shalloe, Connell, Farrelly, Sampson, Kennedy, Crowe, Madden, Scott, Adlam, etc.

My direct ancestors on my father’s and mother’s sides are as follows:

William V Pye (1916-1991 Victoria), son of John William Pye (1883-1967 Victoria) and Margaret E O’Connor, son of Joseph Pye (1848-1919 Victoria) and Mary Ann Wiseman, son of Thomas Pye (1797-1880 Staffordshire/Victoria) and Mary Sampson, son of Joseph Pye (1776-1830 Staffordshire) and Mary Wetton, son of Thomas Pye (1722-1793 Staffordshire) and Margaret Lightfoot, son of Joseph Pye (1679-1758 Staffordshire) and Catherine Reynolds, son of Thomas Pye (1646-1728 Staffordshire) and Anne Walklate, son of John Pye (1611-1681 Staffordshire) and Anne, son of Thomas Pye (1578-1629 Staffordshire) and Elizabeth Russell, son of Alexander Pye (  -1595 Staffordshire) and Elizabeth, son of John Pye (  -1570 Staffordshire) and Joane, son of Thomas Pye and Margaret.

Ann Imelda Sinnott (1918-2006 Victoria), daughter of Thomas Patrick Sinnott (1875-1961 Victoria) and Joan A Barker, son of William Sinnott (1843-1922 Victoria) and Ann Leddin, son of Thomas Sinnott (1800-1897 County Wexford) and Jane Roche.


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