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Copying information from this blog.

I have just visited the website and noticed that someone has made a contribution to the website (for John Pye of The Lady Kennaway) that is directly copied from my article on John Pye in this Blog and from … Continue reading

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Copyright on Blog contents

I thought this article was a good reminder to be aware of copyright issues and ownership of Blog content and photographs. This article on the is worth the read and it reminds us that: “What we’re seeing, all too … Continue reading

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So I’ve been busy researching and tidying up my records and had not checked my Blog stats for a couple of weeks.  Therefore I was surprised to see 96 views for yesterday.  Wow someone was interested in what I had … Continue reading

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BDM Certificates

Edith Alice O’Connor – birth certificate. I have said that I like the State of Victoria’s birth, death and marriage certificates because they contain a lot of information, however, it is due to the amount of information required on the … Continue reading

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Where has the information for your Tree come from?

During the course of genealogical research there often come times when you need to make an educated guess based on associated recorded evidence at hand.  I am not referring to making assumptions that certain ancestors are yours when there is … Continue reading

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A skill that I had to develop as a result of getting further back in time with my genealogy research was to learn how to read the documents of the seventeenth and early eighteenth century.  Obtaining Wills of my ancestors … Continue reading

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How it all began

I came across an article that I wrote a couple of years ago about how my interest in the research of my family all began and here is a bit of that article. ” My first taste of family tree … Continue reading

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