Nickson family

I have just discovered that Baron Nickson KBE is a sixth cousin once removed. He only ascended to the peerage in 1994.

Our common ancestor is Joseph Pye who married Catherine Reynolds in 1703 at Seighford, Staffordshire. Their daughter Mary Pye married William Nickson in 1726. Mary’s brother, Thomas Pye, the pauper, was my ancestor.

The Nickson line down to the Baron is as follows.

Mary Pye and William Nickson’s son William Nickson married Elizabeth Lymer. Their son John Nickson (a baker in Stafford like his father) married Sarah Matthews. (John’s brother George married Mary Peake and their son George Nickson married his first cousin Mary Nickson, John’s youngest daughter).

John and Sarah’s eldest son, William Nickson married Eliza Wright. William worked initially as a baker before moving to Manchester where he became a Manchester merchant. William and Eliza’s second son, John worked for his aunt and uncle Mary and George Nickson who had moved to Lancashire as provision merchants. George and John formed George and John Nickson and Company Limited. They had businesses in Liverpool, London, Manchester and America.

John Nickson married Isabella Wigley and their son Richard Wigley Nickson married Mary Hilda Margaret Scholefield. Their son Geoffrey Wigley Nickson being the father of the Baron.

John and Isabella’s eldest son was the Rev Right George Nickson, Bishop of Bristol for 18 years.


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