Tapestry of my Life

Tapestry of my life.

I have researched the tapestry of my family tree,

Discovering all its hues and colours.

The earthy tones of farmers, labourers and servants,

The muddy shades of the rogues and thieves.

The splash of patriotism when war loomed,

The humble and the great woven into our tree,

And found many friends amongst the shared blood of our ancestry.


I have explored the tapestry of my soul,

Following the many threads of my lives,

Accepting all the knots, snarls, tears and darns

Do not make the pattern less.

In seeing the whole of the tapestry of being

I found my true authentic self.


In the tapestry of my life

There was one bright stitch of colour.

At times it was overlooked in the allure of its surrounds.

And I thought I knew its texture

And I thought I had its measure

For if it had great value

Then I had to pay the price.

But in the light its weave was seen to entwine my story.

My teacher, my sister, my mother, my daughter, my friend, my pupil.

My twin – the fabric of gold in my life.


Soon I’ll be exploring the tapestry of the Universe.

Expanding beyond the stars; a kaleidoscope of mystery.

As I drift beneath the Milky Way

You’ll remain the centre of my world.

And no matter how far I wander out to the edges of the galaxy

I’ll always be here to wrap you in my velvet cloak of love.

In the decoupage of stitches when we meet again,

We’ll create another layer in our tapestry of love.



About BeesKnees2013

Interested in family history research.
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One Response to Tapestry of my Life

  1. Carmel says:

    Nice poem

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