The Green Petticoat

My ancestor Thomas Pye of Haughton married Elizabeth Russell in 1608.  When Elizabeth’s widowed sister, Mary Alsop died in 1634 she did not have much, but she bequeathed to her brother Thomas Russell, sister Jane, niece and nephew Frances and John Pye, one shilling each.  Another niece received all her chattells and cattells.
But to Elizabeth Pye Mary bequeathed one green petticoat.
I am sure there is some story behind the gift.  What is was can only be surmised.  Did Elizabeth admire the petticoat?  Was its value one shilling?  Whatever the circumstances I like to imagine Elizabeth wearing a bottle green petticoat, perhaps with a touch of hem showing beneath her outer skirt.

No plain linen petticoat for Elizabeth!


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