George Booth

George Booth – results from a day of research. Sarah Vernon, a granddaughter of one of my Pye family, married George Booth in 1899 in Staffordshire.  George was born about 1877. Wanting to know who George’s parents were I checked the census records and found that George Booth was listed on the 1881, as a 3 year old, and the 1891 census, 13 years old, as a “Visitor” in the household of Reuben Joseph Wootton and his wife Maria Wootton. I suspected that George Booth was related to Maria and I confirmed that Maria Booth married Reuben Joseph Wootton.  Being listed as a visitor I didn’t think that George was Maria’s son. Earlier census records showed that Maria, born Marston near Stafford, was the daughter of Henry and Jane Booth.  She had an elder sister named Amelia Booth, born 1852 at Marston, and a number of younger siblings. I next found a baptism for George Booth.  He was born on 22 October, 1877 and baptised on 3 November, 1877 at St Pauls, Coven, Staffordshire.  His unmarried mother was Amelia Booth, a servant.  It now appeared that George Booth was the nephew of Maria Wootton.  I looked further to see why George was with his aunt. Amelia Booth born 1852, only appeared on two census records.  The 1861 and 1871 census, the later year Amelia was listed as a servant at Coven, working for Charles Price.  I was feeling like I was on the right track since George was born at Coven.  Then I checked the marriage indexes and found Amelia Booth married in 1876 to John Whitehouse. This is a year too early to fit with Amelia Booth having an illegitimate child at the end of 1877.  Amelia and John Whitehouse had seven children, starting from 1878, with the 1911 census listing Jane Booth, mother-in-law living with them.  Amelia and John Whitehouse’s two eldest children were also born in Coven. So the question that I am now left with is, Do I have the right mother for George Booth?  Is George’s mother, Amelia, the sister of Maria Wootton nee Booth, the woman who appears to have raised George.  My search through the Staffordshire records did not leave me with any other options for Amelia Booth being anyone else other than the sister of Maria and daughter of Henry and Jane and yet how could she have married a year prior to the birth of an illegitimate child? Another puzzle in the Tree.

Post script

I have also discovered that Amelia’s father Henry Booth sister, Anne Eliza Booth’s second husband was William Ecclestone.  William’s grandmother, Alice Pye is another member of my Pye tree.  Therefore George Booth and his wife Sarah Vernon have a distant blood relationship to each other.


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2 Responses to George Booth

  1. chmjr2 says:

    The one thing that runs true in genealogy that any answer we find causes more questions. We look through one hundred year plus records and try to make them give us the answers we want. Most of the time they only give us a piece of the puzzle. A puzzle that most of the time we have no idea what it looks like. Oh I seem to have gotten off track. Most likely because of the three records I am looking at that seem to go in different directions for the same family.

  2. So true,

    Surprisingly enough, I have since found second link from the Booth family to the Pye family.

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