BDM Certificates

Edith Alice O’Connor – birth certificate. I have said that I like the State of Victoria’s birth, death and marriage certificates because they contain a lot of information, however, it is due to the amount of information required on the certificates that has resulted in more inaccurate details being recorded on them. I have seen on a death certificate, the deceased’s brother and sister were recorded as his parents.  On another death certificate, the informant’s parents listed as the parents of the deceased.  On some marriage certificates, the groom and bride’s names listed as the parents of the groom, plus invented marriage dates of unmarried parents on their illegitimate child’s birth certificate.  Coupled with the problem of recording a consistent spelling of names due to illiteracy, accents etc., and the misinterpretation of information given resulted in details being missed from the final certificate. When my sister and I were researching our O’Connor ancestry, we asked our father what he could recall.  He told us that “Lil O’Connor had fallen from a Jig and was killed”.  My sister discovered that Lil’s real name was Edith Alice O’Connor.  Her parents were John O’Connor and Susan Tuite.  Edith’s mother’s death certificate showed that there were three daughters in the family.  Ellen Mary, Edith Alice and Margaret Mary. When my sister was scrolling through the BDM microfilm index, she could only find the births of Ellen Mary and Margaret Mary O’Connor indexed.  Edith Alice O’Connor’s birth was not recorded; however, there was a birth of a child named John Mark O’Connor indexed in the year (1890) that Edith Alice O’Connor should have appeared.  This was confusing.  We thought – was Edith a twin and only one child recorded; but if that was the case, why wasn’t John listed on his mother’s death certificate?  We looked through the death index and saw there was no death for a child named John Mark O’Connor, son of John and Susan.  We purchased a copy of the birth certificate to see if it could shed any more light on this mystery.  The child’s date of birth was given as 15 December, 1890.  We knew that Ellen Mary was born on 9 January 1890 (she had died at 5 weeks).  So there were two children born at either end of the same year. We began to suspect that the birth certificate of the child listed as John Mark O’Connor was incorrect, but it wasn’t until I wrote to the parish secretary of the church in which the children were baptised that we were able to confirm that the child born on 15 December, 1890 was indeed Edith Alice O’Connor.  What I image occurred was that when the father, John Mark O’Connor, went in to register the birth of his daughter and was asked, “Name”, John had replied, “John Mark O’Connor’ believing the registrar/priest was asking for his name and not the name of his child. Ladies, image obtaining a copy of your birth certificate to find it recorded your father’s name instead. My sister purchased the death certificate of Edith Alice to see if she did, “fall out of a Jig” as our father had told us to find that it was from a “motor car” that she fell.  How this occurred I doubt we will know.


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