Ada Pye – A mystery

Ada Pye – A Mystery.

How do you find information about a person for whom there is no entry in the Civil Registration Indexes (neither birth nor death record) and for whom there is no recorded baptism or burial?

That is the dilemma that I have for Ada Pye (or is she Lydia Pye?).  So how do I know this girl existed?  The 1881 census of West Bromwich, Staffordshire listed the couple of Timothy and Mary Jane Pye with their two daughters, Ada Pye, aged 6 years, Scholar and Harriet Pye, aged 3 years, plus an 8 year old visiting neighbour.  The family lived at 16 Brook Street, West Bromwich.

On the 1891 census Timothy and Mary Jane have all their five daughters living with them, however, on this record Ada is listed as “Lydia Pye”, 17 years and working as a dressmaker.  The youngest daughter, Gertrude Elizabeth Pye was listed as “Artie Pye”, therefore I believe mistakes were made recording the names (accents, eumerator’s error, transcribers errors or some such reason).

By 1901, only the three youngest daughters were living with their parents and Harriet was married.  But Ada was no where to be found – there were no marriage indexes for an Ada Pye and no death index.  The 1911 census gave me one more clue as it stated that Timothy and Mary Jane had had six children, but only four were then living.  I knew that Timothy and Mary Jane’s eldest child, a son, had died at 7 months of age, and now this census confirmed that Ada was also deceased.  But when is still a mystery.

Looking through some West Bromwich parish records on microfiche only revealed baptism records for two daughters, Sarah and Alice, and the burial record for their son, Thomas.  Perhaps there are records in other parish registers as yet unscanned and untranscribed; until then Ada Pye will remain a mystery.


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2 Responses to Ada Pye – A mystery

  1. iamheywood says:

    Another interesting article Liz.

  2. Thanks for reading it, Anne. Hope your own research is going well.

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