Arthur James Pye – Hair Specialist

Arthur James Pye – Hair Specialist

Arthur James Pye was born on 14 December, 1899 at Ingestre, Staffordshire.  He was the youngest of the four children of farm labourer, James Pye and his wife, Ellen Mort.

Arthur’s brother, George Arnold Pye, was recorded as a hairdresser on the 1901 census (George died at 20 years of age) and Arthur followed his brother into the hair dressing profession.  Arthur was listed as a ‘Hairdresser’s assistant’ at Mineshead, Somersetshire on the 1911 census.  After he was fully trained Arthur moved to Blackpool, Lancashire and started his own hairdressing business at 5 Queens Street and 7 Market Street, Blackpool where he worked until his death in 1976.

Arthur became very successful in his business and went on to develop and market a scalp treatment machine; a high voltage violet ray wand machine, claimed to stimulate hair growth.  There are a few articles in the Catholic Herald advertising Arthur Pye’s book “How to End Hair and Scalp Troubles” which explained the ‘real causes for hair loss’.


High Frequency Treatment Machine – Arthur J Pye. Image from ebay.

One advertisement from the 1960’s claimed, “Hair troubles can be conquered!  World famous hair specialist offers – Free Books all about the hair and how to keep it healthy.”  “Grateful clients praise Arthur Pye treatments”.

UK incoming passenger lists record Arthur James Pye returning to England after a trip to Europe.  Arthur is listed amongst the passengers of the “Venus” which had departed Madeira, Portugal and arrived at Plymouth, England on 16 October, 1954.  Arthur was 65 years old and his occupation recorded as ‘hair specialist’ and address as Kirkland, Poulton.  So it seems Arthur marketed his machines across Europe.


Violet Ray hair treatment machine – Arthur J Pye. Image from ebay.


Arthur James Pye married twice but did not have any children.  His first wife was Dorothy While whom he married in 1923 and after her death he married  in 1939 to Dorothy Yerinak Kavanozian, daughter of artist, Dieran Kavanozian.  It is assumed they divorced as Dorothy married a second time to Louis Malone.


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9 Responses to Arthur James Pye – Hair Specialist

  1. Rob McLaughlin says:

    Hi from New Zealand.. It seems I have a scalp treatment machine! I found it amongst my recently deceased dad’s belongings. Thought you might be interested one reached these parts! Fascinating stuff. I googled and found your ancestory post. Awesome. Cheers!

  2. Hi Rob, from across the ditch. Thanks for letting me know that one of Arthur’s machine’s reached New Zealand. I wonder if your father found it helpful?
    Arthur’s father’s 1st cousin, Captain Charles Pye VC lived in New Zealand for 13 years and descendants of two other members of the Pye clan live there still.

    Thanks for you comment – I really appreciate it.

  3. Ross says:

    Hi, I have acquired a machine from my grandad when he passed. We are in Essex, U.K. It’s in great condition.

  4. Thanks for your comment Ross,

    I hope your granddad gained some benefit from the machine. I wonder how many there are still in homes around the world?


  5. Belinda says:

    We have one in Sydney Australia (Wish your granddad had of put the name of what it was on it!)
    Ours is still in good condition 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment. Arthur is not my granddad, but a distant relation. I live in Australia also. It’s be interesting to learn that the machine have made it around the world.

  6. Jerry Park says:

    I lived near Arthur J Pye when I was a boy in the 1950s and ’60s. ‘Kirkland’ was a detached house in its own grounds in Little Poulton Lane at the edge of Poulton-le-Fylde, about four miles east of Blackpool. His consulting rooms (as he styled them) were in Blackpool’s Queens Square, then the town’s smart shopping street. Whether fairly or not, he was regarded locally as a fraudster who capitalised on the upper end of the holiday trade, and (in his later days) a noted drinker.

  7. Brian says:

    I can remember back in the 1960’s when newspaper adverts used to feature Arthur J Pye and his hair treatments. The home address mentioned in the previous post is very imposing, so he must have sold a load of his equipment and treatments. Even today TV shopping channels in the UK feature hair growth devices. These days they have lasers rather than violet rays and static electricity.

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