Roman Catholick or inclined to that Religion.

Following on with the theme of the enmity between Protestants and Roman Catholics here is a story about a Robert Pye from my own tree with equally strong Protestant leanings as Sir Robert Pye of the Mynde.

This Robert Pye, born in 1638 in the parish of Haughton, Staffordshire, was a husbandman with a very small holding.  His wife was Mary and their only child, a daughter named Dorcas had died when she was 25 years of age.  It is also possible that all of Robert’s siblings had predeceased him.

Robert Pye had his Last Will and Testament drawn up in 1702 (five years prior to his death in 1707).

“…All the rest of my personall estate And all my Lands buildings profits and comodities and any Appurtenances whatsoever I Give and bequeath unto my Loveing wife Mary Pye during her naturall life.  And then after her decease I Give and bequeath all my Lands, Buildings, profits, Commons, Comodities and appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging Lying and being within the Township of Haughton in ye Country aforesaid unto my Loveing Kinsman Thomas Cooke ye younger of the parish of Haughton and County aforesaid, Webster and to his Heirs and assigns for ever.  Provided ye said Thomas Cooke do not marry with any Roman Catholick nor any wife Inclined to ye Roman Catholick Religion”.

Robert went on to stipulate that if Thomas Cooke were to marry a “Roman Catholick” then he was only to receive twelve pounds with which he was to

“That the said Thomas Cooke shall carefully Look after and assist the Survivor of us during ye Survivor’s naturall Life or otherwise provide some carefull person to do the same, at his owne cost and charges.”

The records show that Thomas Cooke did marry and have a large family, but I cannot say whether his wife was a Roman Catholic or not.


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