I was feeling disappointed that yet again that I was promised photos and information from a newly connected relative that never materialized when I saw a ‘current affairs’ program highlighting a woman’s book, “365 Days of Grateful” which reminded me that I had many people to be grateful to for assisting me in my ancestry search.

So this is my Gratitude Blog.

I am grateful to Lorraine, 3rd coz, with whom we shared our passion in the “early days” of our ancestry research – I have kept all your letters.  Thank you for arranging the family reunion in 1990.  Hoping you are well.

To “cousin Anne”, if you were grateful that sharing our finds with you during a tough time in your life helped, you have done the same for us by sharing your travels with us.  Thank you for your contributions and being our “cousin Anne”.

To Bruce (not related) for all the photos and info that started me on my way.

To Lyn (3rd coz), for welcoming us into your home like one of the family when you were having a family gathering.  And for the later visit – it was great to sit and talk like old friends.  Sorry for the lack of contact recently.

To Eileen, and her late Bill, I am so grateful for the wealth of information that you provided on the NSW branch of the family and being able to visit.

To Kevin, for the totally unexpected bundle of family trees back in 1994 that revealed the NSW branch to me.

To Norah, who gave us the “bug”.

To Jean, 9th coz in England.  An absolute gem.  Thank you so much for the Wills and books and your guiding emails.

To Fay and Gladys, thank you so much for generously giving photos and details on your family branch.  Praying that you are both safe from the fires.

To Sue, fellow genie, who has given us a wealth of information on our maternal side.  Gratitude abounds for all the help over the years.

Coral – Especially grateful.  Thank you for your lengthy hand-written letters every Christmas.  Happy to have you back amongst your blood relatives.

Marcia, Irene and two Sues, English relatives – thank you for what you have shared.

Anita, another English rellie – thank you for generously gathering documents from the Stafford Record Office.

Maureen, NZ rellie.  For sharing much more than genealogy.

To every single person who has contributed to my family history books – thank you.

And to those who have since passed away.  A special thanks to the following:

To Kath – for your beautiful generous soul, thank you.  Sr Mary David Barker – ditto.

To Max, another relative who nurtured the early genealogist in me – loved my visits to you to hear all the family stories.

Donald of NZ – my ‘go to’ man for all New Zealand records, thank you for your gifts.

I have much to be grateful for and in the field of genealogy the result of the generosity that I have received is my “Tapestry” books.


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2 Responses to Gratitude

  1. chmjr2 says:

    What a great way to look past your disappointment. Being let down by people who promise and promise to help you is normal in genealogy. However we receive so much help from so many people and that is the magic genealogy. You have a great blog and I enjoy reading it.

    • Thank you for your comment. You are right, we do receive so much help from so many people – even indirectly from all those transcribers who make all the information on and other sites available and the people in libraries and resource centres etc.
      I am glad you enjoy the blog and I yours.

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