The 24 Acts of Chivalry

John Pye born 1444 and died 1550.  His epitaph states in part, “He was at Jerusalem and at the sepulchre of Christ.  He completed the 24 Acts of Chivalry which few men could do them all.”

So what are the 24 Acts of Chivalry?  Does anyone know and if so, please let me know.

I took this photo in 1994, but at the time I did not know that the reclining effigy, where the date of the photo occurs, was of John Pye.

WalterPye tomb

The plaque had been removed (I think to the Mynde estate – which once belonged to this Pye family) and therefore I did not pay much heed to the dark effigy in chain mail near the pews.  The main subject of the photo is the carving of John Pye’s descendant, Sir Walter Pye with his wife, Joan, and representations of their children (16 in all) below them.

John Pye’s plaque claims that he was 106 years old when he died (‘truly’ it says) and that he had 44 children by his three wives and a further 22 by his concubines.  A truly vigorous man!  John was “a traveller in far countries” and obviously took the crusade to Jerusalem.  I would like to have met this man.

The photo was taken in the Church of St David and St Mary in Much Dewchurch, Shropshire, England.  My Pye ancestry does not link to this family; I have researched back to 1532 in Staffordshire, but who knows if there is a link further back in time.

Please forgive any errors in the above story – there are so many different versions to this ancestry of Pyes.

A full, properly researched, history on the Kilpeck, Herefordshire Pyes can be found on Bette Wing’s Blog.


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