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Whatever happened to …?

In any family history research it appears to be inevitable to come to the question of ‘Whatever happened to so and so?’   The proverbial brick wall.  I have a number of persons in my tree whom I have a … Continue reading

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Sr Mary David Barker

On the birth certificate of my mother’s aunt, she is named Margaret Bridget Catherine Barker after her three Devereux aunts, however, she was known as Mary Barker; ‘Mary’ was her mother’s name. Mary had one sister, my mother’s mother, and … Continue reading

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Discoveries about Thomas Pye

It seems that when I find new information that, instead answering the initial questions, I am left with a whole new bunch of questions. This Blog has led me to meeting Patsy, who very kindly showed me how to research … Continue reading

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I was thinking about how beneficial rabbits where during the Depression.  They gave an alternate food source and income to a number of people during those harsh years of the 1920s and 1930s. In the book, “A Shamrock beneath the … Continue reading

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More Captain Charles Pye VC

I was just re-reading the article about Captain Charles Pye VC. Their article says that Charles was from a family of railway workers.  This is incorrect as Charles’s father, Thomas, was a brick and tile maker and his brothers … Continue reading

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