Tower Hill

This painting by Eugene von Guerard shows, what is now the Tower Hill reserve, what Tower Hill looked like in 1855.

Tower Hill painting

William Rutledge and partners owned the district via Special Survey (the only other Special Survey grant to be issued for the District was to James Atkinson, who set about planning a town and selling the blocks.  The town was known as Belfast and was laid out on Port Fairy bay.

In 1855, Thomas Pye was still living in Belfast, however, by about 1860 he and his family moved to Tower Hill.  Tower Hill is situated between Warrnambool and Killarney (but neither place existed as a town then) and it is supposed he was a tenant of Rutledge’s firm.

I do not know exactly where the Pye family lived when they moved to Tower Hill but an index notation records that Thomas Pye had a farm near the “Plough Inn”.  Research suggests that the “Plough Inn” was about four miles from Killarney.

In his final years Thomas lived in Kirkstall which was situated on the northern side of Tower Hill.  Killarney is situated on the southern side of the lake.


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