Research Tips

One of the major practices to keep in mind when researching your family history is to verify your results, especially, when you are building the tree branches of your far distant ancestors.  Try to view the original documents, baptism, marriages or burials, as much as possible.  Do not reply on other peoples research.

However, even original original documents can be incorrect.  I have discovered in my own research that birth and death certificates can contain incorrect details.  The certificates are only as accurate as the knowledge of the informer and the registrar extends.  I have a copy of a birth certificate in which the name of the female infant was not recorded – a misunderstanding between the child’s father and the registrar resulted in the name of the father being recorded instead of his daughter’s name.  Checking the church baptismal records solved this mystery and the daughter’s real name was confirmed.

So I stress this point – verify, verify, verify when at all possible.


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